Coordination, strength, stamina and rehabilitation training in 3m²

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Effective & time-efficient
In addition to providing unique and effective coordination training, the SensoPro Trainer trains your stamina, strength and reflexes. Enjoy an unrivalled combination of training efficiency, fun, challenge and variety:

The instability of the sprung bands on which the user stands forces the body to engage whole groups of muscles throughout the training session, ensuring maximum muscle activation. As a result, the SensoPro Trainer can deliver a cutting-edge and effective whole-body workout in 20 minutes – in just 3m2.


Individual and goal-oriented
The various training videos (strength, coordination, stamina, etc.) guarantee high-quality training and help you to reach your personal goals.

Are you an elite athlete looking to optimise the coordination skills your particular sport requires? Are you an amateur athlete looking to improve your overall fitness? Or are you looking to get back to a normal, pain-free life as quickly and safely as possible following an injury? The SensoPro Trainer is designed to help you achieve your personal objective.


Sustained results
Sustained progress and great training results: the comprehensive challenge and the variety of training options the SensoPro Trainer offers help keep you motivated to train and ensure that you achieve your training goals step by step. Irrespective of your fitness or experience, you will be able to feel and see the improvements after just a few training sessions.


Preventative training
Invest in your future and not only improve your stamina and strength but, step by step, your body awareness, your balance and your control too – helping you to stay healthy, agile and injury-free for longer.

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SensoPro Training uniquely combines strength, stamina, stabilisation, reflexes and coordination. As a result, the SensoPro Trainer is used both for recreational and elite sport, for fitness and rehabilitation.

«Training on the SensoPro is hard work but it’s a lot of fun too and you feel fantastic. And all my muscles get a proper workout in 20 minutes, without any cheating!»

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